Talk at Collége de France, France (12 June 2015)

Identifier les responsables – La responsabilité solidaire dans les réseaux d’entreprises:

Talk at Collége de France, France (6 June 2013)

Entretien sur les avatars de la solidarité:

CAPI Talk: Revolution in post-red Bengal (4 May 2012)

Interview on Informal Economic Activities and the Relevance of Law – ILO Century Project: ILO TV (9 November 2012)

Meeting organizers of informal workers in Mumbai (2018)


Meeting Prof. Anirban Mazumdar at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (2018)


With colleagues at the Azim Premji University, Bengaluru (2018)


Prof. Arun Thiruvengadam studying the new Azim Premji University Campus map closely, Bengaluru (2018)


In Conversation: Nima Dorji and I on North-East India and Indo-Bhutan relations (2018)


Workshop: I jointly organized a workshop with Vando Borghi at the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study (25 March 2015)

Workers and the Global Informal Economy:

Trade Unionism (2010-2011): I am a founding member of the Trade Union for informal workers, viz. Barjya Punarbyawaharikaran Shilpa Shramik Sangathan (BPSSS) (Association of Workers in the Waste Recycling Industry, in English), Kolkata, India. BPSSS is a Trade Union of workers engaged in the waste-recycling industry in Kolkata, India.   The Union envisages improving and ameliorating the condition of its members and safeguarding their interests by negotiations with the government and other stakeholders engaged in the recycling industry and only in the last resort by strikes. It has its own General Body, Executive Committee, General Fund and Seal. The Union strives to promote the agenda of Decent Work by endeavoring to achieve productive employment; rights at work; social protection; and social dialogue for workers engaged in waste-recycling industry.

Networking of Legal Clinics in Bengal (2008): As a faculty advisor to the West Bengal National University of Juridical Science Legal Aid Society, I established a network and co-organized the first meeting of the legal aid societies of the law schools in West Bengal, India, so that they could coordinate their legal aid strategies for under trial prisoners and other impoverished groups.